Walter Knoll Holiday Floral Seminars

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Walter Knoll Holiday Floral Seminars

             Booth 2405, Upper Level

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Join in the fun at the Walter Knoll Florist Holiday Show Room. Their Master Designers will be teaching show visitors how to create beautiful door decorations and home decor centerpieces for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seminars have a nominal $10-$25 charge per person and participants will take home their completed floral arrangement worth up to $85 to keep or give as a gift.

Sign up to reserve your time first thing, as space is limited. Seminars are limited to one per day, per guest, and you must sign up the same day. Participants must be at least 15 years old. Guests needing special assistance must make arrangements in advance. There will be no refunds on missed classes. Please be early, as classes will start on time. 

Fall Wreath ($85 Value for just $25)
Created on an 18” grapevine base, this artificial wreath will feature fall leaves, large feature flowers and accenting berries, topped off with a beautiful fall bow. Dress your door for fall and reuse this wreath for years to come!

Christmas Swag ($85 Value for just $25)
A lush artificial wintergreen teardrop gives the shape and base for a beautiful swag to place on your front door or hang in the home. Swag will be decorated with a traditional color scheme of red, green and gold. Participants will choose a ribbon bow and choose from a selection of inserts, including berries, florals and ornaments.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece ($60 Value for just $10)
Learn the basics of designing in floral foam with fall flowers. Using the botanical grouping method, each piece is sure to turn out great! Featuring a Root candle taper in the center with burgundy, orange, purple and yellow flowers, plus a few extra trimmings to enhance the centerpiece. 

Christmas Centerpiece ($60 Value for just $10)
This class will teach the mechanics of making a homogenized floral centerpiece, using long-lasting flowers and going through the steps of bow making. A beautiful Root candle will be in the center for a traditional candle display. The traditional design techniques and tips will carry over for many other floral centerpieces, plus learn the tips for caring for wintergreens and roses. 

Seminars and Times:

12:00 Fall Wreath ($25)
2:00   Christmas Swag ($25)
4:00   Thanksgiving Centerpiece ($10)
6:00   Christmas Centerpiece ($10)

12:00 Christmas Centerpiece ($10)
2:00   Thanksgiving Centerpiece ($10)
4:00   Christmas Swag ($25)
6:00   Fall Wreath ($25)

12:00 Thanksgiving Centerpiece ($10)
2:00   Fall Wreath ($25)
4:00   Christmas Centerpiece ($10)