Learn About Solar Energy

Learn About Solar Energy
February, 2014

Solar energy is the fastest growing source of energy production in America and it is quickly becoming as standard a feature for homeowners as granite countertops or a finished basement. Due to dramatic price drops in the last several years, solar installation across America has exploded. Last year nearly a quarter of all new American energy production capability came from solar power, and today the United States has nearly 13 gigawatts of solar electric production capacity with a new solar array installation occurring every four minutes and staggering 30% growth predicted for 2014. More than 2,800 Missouri solar professionals will by this summer have either manufactured or installed over 100 MW of solar electric production for over 2,600 homeowners and businesses right in your neighborhood.

Five percent or higher average annual utility rate increases; attractive local, state, and Federal incentives; and 10-15 percent-per-year solar installation cost reductions are making this an excellent time for all property owners to consider solar energy. Offsetting some or all of their current utility costs with carbon-free energy will save the typical home owner $15,000 - $50,000 over the 25-year warranty period of a typical 5-10 kW residential solar array. New technologies enable real-time monitoring from any internet-connected device and make these 100% solid-state systems effectively worry-free. When installed by a reputable company, homeowners typically spend virtually zero time for maintenance, using their time instead to highlight to friends and neighbors how their smart investment immediately increased their property value by 50-75% of the system cost while reducing or eliminating their electric bill for the next 25 years.

Combining a 30% solar Federal tax credit available through 2016 with today’s 4.25% mortgage rates, a new homeowner paying 10 cents/kwh or more for traditional electricity can now include a solar system with a fixed mortgage payment increase equal to or less than what they would pay their utility each month—all while simultaneously saving the environment and increasing their property value. The solar revolution now even gives local home owners the option to enjoy bad weather back-up capability, go completely off the grid, or even “fuel” their electric cars for only two cents/mile on carbon-free sunbeams—in California over 40% of electric vehicle owners already drive on solar power.

StraightUp Solar is a turnkey solar energy integration company. Since 2006 they have brought solar energy to residential and business customers by designing and installing affordable solar solutions. For more information, visit www.StraightUpSolar.com.