Design Your Own Unique Stone Sign

Design Your Own Unique Stone Sign
February, 2016

Located in Madisonville, Mo., McDonald Stone Co. is a foremost American provider of non-traditional, natural stone signage. This sandblasting business creates unique stone markers that help customers commemorate the special people, places and events of their lives. Whether it’s a simple home lawn marker, a farm or business sign, or even a unique headstone for a loved one’s final resting place, each marker is lovingly crafted and becomes a fitting tribute that lasts indefinitely.

A hallmark of the monuments is durability, and the family has traveled to quarries far and wide from Arkansas to Colorado for the kind of stones with color and visual interest appropriate for their work. What customers seem to love most about these stone markers is their natural appearance. “It’s not a pre-fab cut stone,” says Randy McDonald. “It comes out of the ground in layers or natural breaks. Quarry workers uncover the stone with excavators so each stone is unique in size and appearance. Combine that with artistic creativity on the part of the sandblasted design, and you have an end result no one else can exactly match. They’re unique. There’s no two of our stone signs exactly alike.”

Often customers choose to creatively display their stone sign hanging between custom-made timber or stone pillars. Other stand options are constructed of stone or metal and made to fit their individual sign as it sits on the ground. Increasingly popular with customers is a stone mailbox mount that can incorporate a hanging stone sign beneath their mailbox.

The markers inherently reflect the personality of their owners. Farm signs depict everything from brands, to barns to farm equipment. Markers can feature business logos and mottos. Gamesmen naturally gravitate toward hunting and fishing graphics. Nature enthusiasts often choose landscapes or historic buildings incorporated into their sign’s wording. McDonald Stone Co.’s stone sign designs are limited only by the artisan and customer’s imaginations. For more information on how you can design your own business, home or memorial stone signage, visit or call 573-267-3640.