Deer Control Comes to St. Louis

Deer Control Comes to St. Louis
February, 2017

St. Louisans that are tired of their garden and landscape being ravaged by deer now have a service provider offering them catered solutions. CloverWall, a St. Louis based pest control company, used to only offer mosquito control services for the metropolitan area. When they were treating for mosquitos last year, they offered free mosquito inspections to neighbors of their existing clients to help reduce the mosquito populations of surrounding yards and to improve their customers’ experiences. Many neighbors in Chesterfield, Ballwin and Town and Country mentioned that they would love for someone to help with all of the deer that made landscaping a nightmare.

After studying the problem, interviewing local nurseries and researching what options were available for deer control in St. Louis, CloverWall determined that several treatment options needed to be considered. There are three ways, homeowners can control deer damage on their property with ascending price points, but also with greater certainty of control:

1. Avoid plants that deer are most attracted to (but this is partially a guessing game, since a hungry deer will eat almost any plant)
2. Treat plants with a rotating mix of repellents
3. Exclude deer from your yard with adequate fencing
While the only sure way to keep deer from destroying your garden or landscape is with 8 – 10 ft. high fences that deer cannot jump over, this is too drastic a measure for most St. Louisans. CloverWall began offering a treatment program of rotating deer repellent treatments to keep deer at bay late summer 2016. CloverWall also offers advice on plants that are more deer resistant and can point customers to nurseries and garden centers in the area that have their finger on the pulse of what deer are shying away from currently.

Finally, if a fence is necessary or desired by customers, CloverWall works with them to assess what type of fencing is most suitable for their needs, and what other mechanical alterations they can consider to their landscaping to help prevent deer from treating their garden or landscape like a buffet. For more information, visit