Deck or Patio – Which is the Best Choice for You?

Deck or Patio – Which is the Best Choice for You?
May, 2018

A new deck or patio can be the perfect gathering place, adding a new dimension to your yard and creating space that you didn’t even know you had. A well-planned outdoor living space can become a home owner’s backyard getaway, but the wrong deck or patio can end up as unused dead space. Keep the following in mind and you’ll find yourself enjoying the sunshine from your outdoor retreat in no time.

Patio or Deck?
When deciding on whether you’d like your new outdoor haven to be a patio or deck, first do some research. Some areas have building codes or terrains that dictate one or the other. Your local home builders association can be a good source of information. What kind of budget are you looking at? Decks can be a more affordable option than patios, but concrete, while more expensive, tends to be the sturdiest material with the lowest maintenance needs.

Several factors can determine whether a deck or patio is best for you:
• How much weight does your space need to hold? If you are considering a huge hot tub or spa, a patio might support its weight better.
• What about climate? Will the surface become too hot to walk on during summer’s peak?
• Does rain or snow create runoff problems on a flat patio surface?

If you have a rough backyard terrain, a raised deck may end up your best choice instead of expensive excavation for a patio. Likewise, if you dislike dirt or have pets, consider a raised deck. Remnants from sand and stone patios easily find their way into clean houses. A raised deck also may work as a better option for low-lying yards that tend to become soggy when it rains.

Now that you have determined which option is right for you, a deck or patio, be on the lookout for our next article, Enjoy the Outdoors with a Deck or Patio, for design ideas, material selection and tips on location.

Information courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders,