Easy Recycling Tips

Easy Recycling Tips
May, 2018

Reduce the amount of garbage you generate by buying and using products wisely:
• "Precycle" by purchasing products in recyclable containers.
• Purchase foods in bulk or concentrate.
• Avoid products that are neither reusable nor easily recyclable.
• At work, make two-sided photocopies.
• Use cloth towels in the kitchen rather than paper towels.
• Stop unwanted junk mail by removing your name from mailing lists.
• Reuse product whenever possible.
• Start a compost pile with your leaves and grass clippings.
• Leave a coffee mug or two at work and avoid using disposable cups.
• Use blank back sides of used paper for scratch work.
• Look into purchasing quality used items instead of new ones.
• Take your grocery bags back to the market and reuse them.
• Mend clothes and repair broken items.
• Take care of your belongings to help them last longer. In particular, try to keep your car on a regular maintenance schedule.
• Use products that are made to be reused, such as cloth towels, sponges, glass dishes and metal eating utensils (rather than paper and plastic), rechargeable batteries, etc.
• Drop off your used motor oil, antifreeze, and car batteries at places that recycle automotive wastes.
• Donate clothing, books, toys, appliances and furniture to charitable organizations.

Information courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders, www.NAHB.org.