Area Beneath Your Deck can be Dry, Comfortable Additional Living Space

Area Beneath Your Deck can be Dry, Comfortable Additional Living Space
April, 2017

Underdecking systems are a recent, innovative product for home improvement. They involve the installation of seamless, watertight panels under an existing deck that help collect the water that falls through the deck slats. The water from rain or snow is channeled to a gutter system away from the house. The gutters and panels are seamless, and the result is a RainTight Deck that stays dry underneath. RainTight Deck systems add extra living space and re-sale value to a home.

RainTight Decks have been carefully designed to provide the best system for underdeck protection. Their solid aluminum construction offers a host of benefits. High quality aluminum is rigid and durable, ready to last a lifetime. It is lightweight, strong and can endure extreme temperature changes without resulting in flaws to the system.

The aluminum system is strong enough to be used in areas that receive heavy snow and ice. This extra strength allows for the use of fans, lights and other accessories that can turn an outdoor area into an oasis. Panels can be removed after installation to allow for access, repair and cleaning. RainTight Decking comes in five colors that are baked on and not painted on. This way the aluminum will not fade, rust or become brittle with age and exposure to the elements.

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