Learn How You Can Give Those Tired Concrete Surfaces a New Look

Learn How You Can Give Those Tired Concrete Surfaces a New Look
March, 2016

Does your garage floor have stains from oil or wintery road mess? Is it showing its age with cracks and pitting? Seal Maxx Plus is excited to introduce SealTek to St. Louis, a new solution for repairing and coating concrete floors and surfaces. SealTek’s floor coatings are guaranteed not to chip, crack, fade or yellow for 15 years. Their non-slip surfaces are four times stronger than epoxy coatings and 100% UV stable. SealTek offers one-day installations for most residential garage floor makeovers.

A key component to SealTek’s floor coatings is the use of polyureas instead of epoxies or hybrid products commonly found elsewhere. Polyurea coatings are extremely flexible, 98% more flexible than epoxy/hybrid coatings. This flexibility is the key to SealTek coatings withstanding your concrete’s expansion and contraction during temperature swings. Polyurea coatings are also four times more abrasion resistant than other epoxy/hybrid coatings.

Because they are 100% UV stable, your SealTek floor coating will not yellow or fade. Polyureas are also more chemically resistant to a much wider range of chemicals than epoxy surfaces. From salt, oil, gas and grease, to acids, polyurea surface coatings will withstand a wide range of chemicals that you may use in your garage.

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