Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship opportunities are available for all three of our home shows, and range from title sponsorships to lower-level sponsorships such as bag sponsorships. All sponsorships will be customized to fit individual company goals.

The opening of the St. Charles Convention Center in 2005 allowed the HBA to launch the Builders St. Charles Home Show, an extremely successful community event focused on fast-growing St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren counties. This hometown community event offers comprehensive, quality displays of products and services. Great feature areas and a stage with seminars by national and local celebrity speakers attract attendees as well as coverage by local media. Family fun areas make the Show a destination for the whole family and extend their stay by giving kids fun things to do.

A strong marketing and public relations campaign helps support the Show. Print advertising blankets the Metro Area, with a concentration on St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren counties. There is extensive radio, cable television and outdoor advertising, with pre-publicity, giveaways and live show coverage. Online advertising, e-mail and social media campaigns supplement traditional marketing efforts. Sponsorships will be customized around these elements to fit the sponsoring company's goals. Whether it is lead generation or product recognition that you want, the Home Show offers a platform to fit your marketing goals.

Click here for an overview of sponsorship opportunities for all shows.

As you can see, there are multiple levels of sponsorships available based upon your marketing goals and budget. Please tell us a little bit more about yourself to help us build a customized sponsorship and advertising package that will meet your goals and stay within your budget. If you have questions, please contact Renee Mincher at (314) 817-5618.