Walter Knoll Floral Seminars

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Walter Knoll Floral Seminars

Booth 2405, Upper Level 

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Show visitors can have fun participating in a "Fun with Flowers” floral design class. Get hands-on instruction from Chuck Knoll and other Walter Knoll Florist master designers and create and keep your bouquet! There is plenty of time to ask questions and get personal help. Seminars have a nominal $10-$20 charge per person. Each class will specialize in a styled arrangement with a value of at least $60! Sign up to reserve your time, as space is limited. Seminars are limited to one per day, per guest, and you must sign up same day. Participants must be at least 15 years old. Guests needing special assistance must make arrangements in advance. There will be no refunds on missed classes. Please be early, as classes will start on time.

Seminars and Times:

2:00    Roses ($10)
4:00    Lilies Over Hydrangeas ($10)
6:00    Spring Keepsake Wreath ($20)

12:00  Spring Basket ($10)
2:00    Spring Keepsake Wreath ($20)
4:00    Roses ($10)
6:00    Lilies Over Hydrangeas ($10)

2:00    Roses ($10)
4:00    Spring Basket ($10)